At b.box we are passionate about creating fun and functional everyday baby essentials with a difference.
Our goal is to make the lives of parents more convenient, in a cool and innovative way; everything we do revolves around our “putting the fun in functional” ethos.
Most of all, everything we do has to be practical.

"In 2007, best friends Monique Filer and Dannielle Michaels teamed-up to bring the baby-world their first invention, b.box’s diaper wallet. While on a flight to New Zealand, Dannielle found the task of changing her newborn’s diaper to be quite clumsy and awkward. Thus, the idea for a convenient, all-in-1 essential baby box was born (In case you’re wondering, yes b.box is short for baby box)! The essential diaper wallet was launched and our story continues…"

And so to now; 15 different products sold in 750 stores Australia-wide and in 22 countries, the Australian Government’s 2015 Australian Small Business Exporter of the Year Award; the Governor of Victoria 2015 Award for Women in International Business and now available at Fiesta Tots!

The team, are always brainstorming cool new ideas, so stay tuned for more exciting baby essentials from b.box.

Here at Fiesta Tots, we love this brand and found the straw cup especially useful. So, to echo b.box themselves, stay tuned as we aim to source as many of thier products from UK distributers and get them on our website.