BYKAY Original Baby Carrier Wrap

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The BYKAY Original 100% cotton jersey baby carrier wrap is great for partners to share. This wider wrap gives a perfect fit every time - whatever your size, shape or height - and is designed to give more support for older or larger infants when back-carrying

This jersey wrap brings an age-old method of baby carrying into the 21st Century - fashionable, comfortable and a perfect fit, providing skin contact and a practical way to have your child close while keeping your hands free.

The BYKAY Original baby wrap (now called the Deluxe) is suitable from Day 1 up to 18KG.

Because of the width and special seam finish, this wrap can be used longer than an average stretchy wrap. but do use common sense, monitor the seam's condition and be aware of comfort.  

Length wrap:
-          Size M: 4 metre 60
-          Size L:  5 metre 50
The Small length is no longer produced but is ideal for petite frames as it reduces the amount of 'tail' you are left with. 

-          Width wrap: 75 centimeter

Size chart:
The size chart below displays European sizes. Have a look in the chart and find the right size for your length. Will you and someone else use the same carrier? Then find the size to match the tallest person. Printjes matentabel

1. Breathe Ensure baby is always able to breathe.
Never cover baby’s head with fabric or any other element. Your baby can suffocate! Keep baby’s chin off his chest, the little ones may not have sufficient muscle control to lift up their chin or open their airway.
Baby’s chin and nose should face upwards.
Ensure sufficient neck support.
2. Hips We recommend that you do not carry your baby in a cradle position, this might block baby’s airway.
Ensure a straight up position (vertical) with knees higher than baby’s bottom.
Baby’s legs should be evenly supported from knee to knee in a nice frog position.
3. Kissable distance Keep your baby snug to your body and high on your chest at a kissable distance.
Create sufficient neck support until baby’s back and neck muscles are developed well enough.
If your back starts aching, you might be carrying your baby too low or the carrier might be twisted.
4. Keep an eye out Check your baby and the carrier regularly.
Make sure the carrier is comfortable and your baby are okay.
Adjust any ’slack’ in the carrier and ensure you’re baby is still snug to your body, has their chin off their chest and is well supported.
5. Support while moving Always support your baby when leaning forward or sideways.
We recommend you bend at your knees, this is best for you and your baby.
Don’t carry babies when you are suffering from dizziness, epilepsy or other symptoms that may put your baby at risk. In any case of uncertainty consult a doctor or counsellor.
6. Use common sense Remember to use your common sense and your best judgement to keep your baby safe and secure.
Any activities you would not do with your baby in your arms, such as driving a car, you should not be doing with your baby in a carrier. Your baby might get injured or harmed.
Sudden or rigorous bouncing movements are not recommended for your baby (shaking baby syndrome).
7. Avoid danger We recommend that you do not expose your baby to extreme weather circumstances, like heat, wind or cold.
Also, we suggest you stay in safe distance from dangerous elements like water, fire, heights and other risky environments. Any caregiver might have troubles reaching you and your baby.
Be conscious that not all caregivers have experience with carriers.
8. Protection Provide corresponding protection for your baby in any circumstance.
Dress baby accordingly weather conditions.
Apply sun lotion where appropriate and possibly protect baby’s head with the right headgear.
9. The right carrier Always use a carrier that is suited for the age and weight of your baby.

In any case of uncertainty ask our service team or professional baby wearing consultant for advice.
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