With all the products we sell for pregnancy through to toddlers, it was a natural progression for us to also offer a few related services.
3D casting started as a hobby and, if I'm honest, a lovely way for me to relax. If you choose to use us to produce a 3D cast for you, then I really hope that we can make it an enjoyable experience for you too. 

So why have a casting?
There are so many lovely reasons and these are some of them:
  • A lasting physical memory of how small a little one's hand or foot was
  • An engagement clasp of two hands, showing off the ring of course.
  • Siblings holding hands
  • Grandchildren together
  • Celebrating a big wedding anniversary with a lasting memento

What do you do with it?
  • Have your cast 'as-is' to enjoy how you like (includes finishing and painting to protect it) - will you place it on a shelf or in a box?
  • For those casts that are large at the base and attractive from all angles, such as hand clasps, then a plinth or similar base are ideal. Then place your cast on a shelf or table for all to admire. 
  • Smaller casts, such as baby and small child hands and feet can be mounted in a box frame and add to the art on your wall. 

If you would like a lasting memento of your own and are in the Horsham (West Sussex) area, then we can help.

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