In a changing global market, DK aim to never lower our standards, to always source materials and labour ethically and locally, to provide the customer with a trustworthy product.

Many years ago, already the father of a toddler, co-founder of DK Glovesheets, Mr Yvan de Quay, became the proud father of twins, one of whom was an extremely fidgety sleeper, and would wake up entangled in sheets! The need for a secure easy fit bottom sheet for babies and children became apparent, and after several experimental trials the “Glove Sheet”, ” the sheet that fits like a glove” was born.

At DK Glovesheets, we have been manufacturing the original fitted sheets since 1950. Our original sheet design still fits the mattress better than other fitted sheets. The deep corners and elastic edge keep them firmly attached to the mattress, without slipping or rucking. Glovesheets are made from top quality 100% combed cotton interlock, which is far stronger than the single-jersey material used by most other manufacturers, and will last for much longer. It is thicker, and softer to lie on. We carefully and responsibly source our cotton yarns, which are then knitted and dyed in the UK, before being turned into exceptional quality sheets in our family run factory in Surrey.

To this day, three generations of the de Quay family are still working at DK Glovesheets.Co-founder Mr Yvan de Quay at age 96 still participates daily in manufacturing the fitted sheets.