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The Meelight journey has been amazing, diverse, challenging and fun! 

The inspiration came about when mum of three and London based company founder Julia Kelly, experienced the challenges of being able to see well enough to feed and care for her first baby in the dark without over-stimulating baby, mum or dad. It seemed parents were coping any way they could - using bedside lamps, phones, bright night lights, even torches, but nothing did the job well enough.

Julia's design background was key in helping her to come up with the idea of a wearable, dimmable light to solve this problem and with the help of her brother, Chicago based Steve Gould (an electronic engineering whiz!) the incredible journey began.

Taking an idea and turning it into a commercial product is no mean feat, (especially when the designer and engineer live on different continents),  but perseverance has always been their motto and combined with some great skill sets, steely determination and good old sibling love, Meelight was born!