MiracleWareLetter from the Inventor, Michael Gatten

My name is Mike Gatten, inventor of the Miracle Blanket®. More importantly, I’m also the father of three incredible boys.

I had done a lot of “homework” during the sleepless nights of our first bout with extreme colic, so by the time Jake (our third son) was eight weeks old I was lucky enough to find the “magic” combination of ingredients to create a veritable “off switch” for crying and sleepless babies nearly every time.

Since Jake (and my wife and I) had the advantage of the Miracle Blanket®, I am very aware of the effectiveness of the blanket. And because Chandler, our first son, didn’t experience the Miracle Blanket®, my wife and I have an incredible perspective on life with the blanket compared to life without it. We knew we had to get this into as many hands as possible as soon as possible.

We tested, researched and developed this product over more than a year. At the time of its public launch, the Miracle Blanket® was, by far, the most tested, tried and effective product of its kind and has remained so ever since.

Michael Gatten