We are settling in, here in Elgin, and our contact number is 07742 182338
Please note we are no longer in Piries Place
Our Shop (as it was)

Following on from our online business years, it was a lot of fun setting up our shop in Piries Place when the opportunity of retail premises came along.
We have enjoyed every moment, but sadly we took to decision to close the shop in Summer 2016 due to a steady decline in footfall in Piries Place and then the re-development plans for Piries Place. 

This is not the end of the story however. We are still online (obviously) and we are still looking for the perfect location to set up shop again.
It will be with a door wide enough for even double buggies, limited (preferably no) steps and large enough for us to stock as much as possible. We would also love to have space for you to come and share a cup of tea and a natter. 

Regardless of website, shop or outside events, the stock continues to evolve, with new items added regularly. True to our original business idea, we're particularly keen on travel-related products.

Oh and we've always been excited when we have sourced great products from local Sussex businesses and from nearby Hampshire, Surrey and Kent, too. This now extends to our new local area of Moray

A few bits about our old shop and what you can expect when we find new premises. 


Please take a look inside our old shop here....