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Travel Information, Experiences & Tips

Sometimes, when I hear someone is about to travel for the first time with a baby or young one, I feel like introducing myself as a travel-advice-aholic! My husband and I are often asked for advice by friends and family, on what to expect and what products might be good. 

Here you'll find a few Fiesta Tots Top Tips & Experiences, formulated while travelling around the UK and worldwide. We have learnt through honest mistakes and good research - so, by passing this knowledge on to YOU, we aim to ensure good times travelling to and from YOUR destinations. 

We've also added some useful nuggets of wisdom passed to us by the Professionals:
Cabin Crew, Check-in Agents and Travel Agents.

We always welcome advice, experiences or those 'worth remembering' thoughts that our customers may have. Alternatively, if you're about to go on holiday and have any questions then please get in touch with us - we'll endeavour to answer your query as fully as possible.
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We are sure you're all sensible travellers and have relevant travel insurance in place. However, if you're travelling ABROAD, take a few moments to visit the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website. They have up-to-date, country-by-country advice on laws, customs, entry requirements, health and security matters.
Even for European countries, in many ways similar to the UK, this can be invaluable.

And for travelling in Europe, you should have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

Air Travel
Ferry Travel
Road Travel
Train Travel

At Fiesta Tots, travel-wise, we're not 'one-trick-ponies'! Although my background is 15 years of working in aviation and my husband has accrued another 20 years of working in the same field, we also love other forms of transport and holidays. Camping (once with a 2-year-old while 8 months pregnant), road trips (the best being one across Arizona and Nevada with an 8-month-old) and day trips on the train are some of our regular experiences.

The Professionals
As parents, most of us are very knowledgeable on many aspects of our children’s care. But new experiences bring new questions. We can write about our own experiences and offer our Top Tips for Travelling, but we're the first to admit that they're not the complete picture.
Below are some POINTERS, DOs and DON'Ts about how to travel efficiently, written by professionals you will come into contact with when travelling. Some points might seem obvious, some are avoidable annoyances ... but most will simply make your journey easier and your travelling experience more fun.

From the CABIN CREW: